Dear Valued OUR Members,

As you know, O.U.R. is a non-profit, low-income credit union. It was created in 1969 for the sole purpose of serving low-income people who might not otherwise have access to regular banks and credit unions and therefore would be at the mercy of payday lenders, check cashing outfits, and other sharks who prey on those most financially vulnerable.

What you may not realize is that O.U.R. itself, your credit union, operates on the thinnest of margins; without our support of private benefactors, wealthy angels, various grants, and so on, we wouldn’t be here.

As the economy has worsened and our operating costs have increased, we have come to a point where we must ask our members to contribute a small amount each month to help O.U.R. keep its head above water. Beginning in May, every member will be assessed a $3.00 membership fee. This will replace the $15.00 annual fee that you were charged last year. (IRAs and children’s accounts will be exempt.) We know three bucks is a lot when you are trying to scrape by on marginal funds, but we have no other choice if we are going to continue to provide you with the wide range of services you have come to depend on from O.U.R., many of which would be costly or even unavailable elsewhere.

To keep with our mission by helping members in need, the Board of Directors is exploring the possibility of establishing a ‘Robin Hood’ fund, whereby those of our members who are in a position to do so could contribute money and those for whom a monthly fee would be a real hardship could have their monthly fee paid. If you need help OR if you can help your fellow members, please talk it over with a staff person. As with all our financial discussions, your respect and privacy will be honored.

For years we have been helping members become financially responsible and learn to stand on their own two feet. It is about time O.U.R. took that same advice to heart.

O.U.R. Federal Credit Union


This a great credit union to rebuild with.

How much are you paying for your auto loan? Betcha we might be able to beet it. Give us a call 541-485-1188

Hi everyone. Our first annual fee of $15.00 went into effect last year and was such a HUGE success because instead of nickle andimeing for every little service ie: MONEY ORDER FEES…..They are now free!! Remember to look at our new menu of services found on our website at ourfcu.com. Start saving now for that $15.00. We can set up a seperate account so you have the money to put into your fee and then it is all free again!!

Today is a great day

Just wanted to say hello to the people with us.

Hey every one,

This is our blog where we like to have fun and be a little down to earth. Here are some pics from our last meeting.

I know what your thinking, “wow, does the staff get to dress like that all the time ?”  Me too. But the answer is no . This meeting was during Halloween.

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